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CLAUER Norbert

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Norbert ClauerDirecteur de Recherche Emérite du CNRS
(Emeritus Research Director of the French National Research Council)

Diplôme principal (Main Degree) : Doctorat es-Sciences (equivalent of habilitation), Université Louis Pasteur Strasbourg, 1976

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Activités de recherche (research activities)

- Chemistry and isotope chemistry of detrital and authigenic components and of brines of sediments in deposition, diagenetic, low-grade metamorphic and weathering conditions, with a special emphasis on the mechanisms of clay crystallization and recrystallization.
- The main topics of the recent research were on : (1) the diagenetic evolution of sedimentary basins with a special attention to problems of time, duration and temperature conditions of the events, and (2) the use of combined techniques including chemistry and isotope chemistry of minerals and brines, TEM and SEM observations, fluid inclusion micro-thermometry in order to improve understanding of mineral-brine interactions.
- The major topics studied presently are : (1) understanding of the physical and chemical conditions of clay nucleation and growth processes, mainly on the basis of isotopic methods during the evolution of sedimentary basins, (2) understanding of how the conditions evolve, and (3) relate the nucleation and growth processes to ore deposits and hydrocarbon maturation, migration and trapping, and to tectonic related hydrothermal activity.
- Also recently, I started varied collaborations to study the behavior of essential, trace and rare-earth elements in the surface environment (soils and lagoons) in order to study more precisely their transfer from soils to plants and from water to plants, and in turn to evaluate the impact of organisms on their immediate environment.

Programmes en cours (current research in progress)

• Geochemical and isotopic aspects of clay - water interactions and the disposal of nuclear waste
• Elemental, especially REE, transfers during soil-plant interactions, metal contaminations in lagoon waters and sediments
• Fluid-mineral-organic interactions in sedimentary basins by aqueous-pyrolysis experiments
• Clay particle nucleation and growth processes controlled by isotopic methods during the evolution of sedimentary basins - relationships to ore deposits and hydrocarbon maturation, transport and trapping, with a special attention to the B and Li isotope signatures
• Isotopic dating of major and secondary faulting systems related to structural evolutions of cratonic areas

Méthodes analytiques utilisées (analytical methods currently used)

• Separation of clay "fundamental particles" (0.02 μm and less in size)
• X-ray diffraction
• Electron-microscopy techniques (SEM, TEM, ESEM)
• Wet chemistry (ICP-AES, ICP-MS)
• Isotope geochemistry (K-Ar, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, Pb-Pb, δ18O, δD, δB, δLi)


My publications include 1 book co-authored, 2 books co-edited, 208 publications in journals with a pier-review system, 39 publications in national journals, as well as 338 abstracts in national and international meetings. The publications of the 5 recent years are listed hereunder ; the others are available upon request.
(update 01/05/12)

_Clauer N. & Lerman A. - Thermal history analysis of sedimentary basins : An isotopic approach to illitization. In : Harris N.D. and Peters K. (eds), Thermal history analysis of sedimentary basins : methods and applications. Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, Special Issue, in press.
_Williams L.B., Clauer N. & Hervig R.L. – Light stable isotope microanalysis of trace elements in clays. In : Quantitative Mineralogy and Microanalysis of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks, Short Course Volume, GAC-MAC workshop, St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, May 25-26, 2012, in press.
_Brockamp O. & Clauer N. - Clay mineral provinces in tidal mud flat deposits at Germany’s North Sea coast with illite K-Ar ages potentially modified by biodegradation. Estuar. Coast. Shelf Sci., in press.

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