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DAVAL Damien

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Research scientist - CNRS

Contact: ddaval(-at-)

Phone: +33 3 68 58 05 56

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- Resume

- Research interests

Chemical weathering is one of the main geological processes on Earth responsible for exchanges of energy and matter. To predict the fluxes which take place while such interactions occur, dissolution kinetic rate laws have been built for decades, based on single mineral dissolution experiments, in simplified systems. Whereas the use of such laws is expected to accurately simulate fluid/rock interaction rates at large scales of space and time, most often they can hardly be used to predict the reactivity of silicate minerals in confined environments on time durations as short as a couple of weeks.
My work basically consists in exploring directions which could help to upscale the rates we measure in the lab. It relies on dissolution experiments coupling classical aqueous chemistry analyses (ICP-AES, colorimetry) and innovative techniques of nm- to μm-scale characterization of fluide/solid interfaces (TEM, AFM, VSI). Among my main interests is the desire to link macroscopic dissolution rates to the physicochemical and microstructural properties of the solid interface.
In addition to a better understanding of the basic mechanisms involved in fluid/rock interactions, this strategy will allow us to produce a more comprehensive and quantitative model of the evolution of the (e.g. textural) properties of surface layers forming on weathered silicates, and of their impact on mineral dissolution rates. Once this evolution is fully parameterized, it will be basically dedicated to be incorporated into reactive transport codes (such as those developed in our lab) classically used to model weathering processes at a large scale.

- Teaching

- PhD student mentoring

  • Marion Pollet-Villard (advisor: Bertrand Fritz): Hydrothermal alteration of silicate minerals: an experimental and modelling approach. In the framework of the Laboratory of Excellence LABEX “G-Eau-Thermie-Profonde”, EOST, University of Strasbourg.
  • Bastien Wild (advisor: Gwenaël Imfeld): Microstructural modifications of silicate surfaces associated with biogeochemical alteration: Macroscopic impacts on silicate dissolution rate laws

- Publications

17. Sissmann, O., Daval, D., Brunet, F., Guyot, F., Verlaguet, A., Pinquier, Y., Findling, N., and Martinez, I. (2013). The deleterious effect of secondary phases on olivine carbonation yield: Insight from time-resolved aqueous-fluid sampling and FIB-TEM characterization. Chemical Geology 357, 186-202

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11. Montes-Hernandez, G., Daval, D., Findling, N., Chiriac, R., Renard, F. (2012) Linear growth rate of nanosized calcite synthesized via gas-solid carbonation of Ca(OH)2 particles in a static bed reactor. Chemical Engineering Journal 180, 237–244. doi:10.1016/j.cej.2011.11.020.

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1. Hellmann, R., Daval, D., Tisserand, D., Renard, F. (2007) Albite feldspar dissolution kinetics as a function of the Gibbs free energy at high pCO2. Proceedings of the Water-Rock Interaction, T. D. Bullen and Y. Wang (Ed.), 1, 591-595.

- Communications

- Main external collaborations

Nanometer-scale characterization of fluid/mineral interfaces

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  • Alejandro Fernandez-Martinez (ISTerre, Grenoble, France) webpage
  • François Guyot (IMPMC, Paris, France) webpage

Mineral dissolution kinetics

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  • Kevin Knauss (LBNL, Berkeley, USA) webpage
  • Giuseppe Saldi (LBNL, Berkeley, USA) webpage
  • Marie-Pierre Turpault (INRA, Nancy, France) webpage

Carbonation processes

  • Fabrice Brunet (ISTerre, Grenoble, France) webpage
  • Jérôme Corvisier (Mines ParisTech, Fontainebleau, France)
  • Isabelle Martinez (IPGP, Paris, France)
  • German Montes-Hernandez (ISTerre, Grenoble, France) webpage
  • Olivier Sissmann (IFP Energies Nouvelles, Rueil-Malmaison, France) webpage

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