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FAHS Marwan

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Assistant Professor - ENGEES

Contact :
Phone : +33 (0)3 68 85 04 48


• 2016

M. Fahs, B. Ataie-Ashtiani, A. Younes, C. Simmons, P. Ackerer : Semi-analytical solution for velocity dependent Henry problem, Water Resources Research, 2016.

A Younes, F. Delay, N. Fajraoui, M. Fahs, T. Mara : Global sensitivity analysis and Bayesian parameter inference for solute transport in porous media colonized by biofilms, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 2016.

Q. Shao, M. Fahs, A. Younes, A. Makradi and T. Mara : A New Benchmark Reference Solution for Double-Diffusive Convection in Heterogeneous Porous Medium, Journal of Numerical heat transfer part B, 2016.

• 2015

M. Fahs, A. Younes : A reference benchmark solution for free convection in a square cavity filled with heterogeneous porous. Numerical heat transfer part B, 2015.

A. Younes, M. Fahs, A. Zidane, P. Huggenberger, E. Zechner A new benchmark with high accurate solution for hot–cold fluids mixing. Heat Mass Transfer, 2015.

A. Younes, M. Fahs : Extension of the Henry semi-analytical solution for saltwater intrusion in stratified domains, Computational Geosciences, 2015.

Q. Shao, L. Bouhala, D. Fiorelli, M. Fahs, A.Younes, P. Núñez, S. Belouettar, A. Makradi : Influence of fluid flow and heat transfer on crack propagation in SOFC multi-layered like material with anisotropic porous layers. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 2015.

Q Shao, M. Fahs, A Younes, A Makradi : A High Accurate Solution for Darcy-Brinkman Double-Diffusive Convection in Saturated Porous Media, Journal of Numerical heat transfer part B, 2015.

• 2014

H. Fahs, M. Hayek, M. Fahs, A. Younes : An efficient numerical model for hydrodynamic parameterization in 2D fractured dual-porosity media. Advances in Water Resources, 2014.

A. Younes, M. Fahs : A semi-analytical solution for saltwater intrusion with very narrow transition zone, Journal of Hydrogeology, 2014.

M. Fahs, A. Younes : A high accurate Fourier-Galerkin solution for buoyancy-driven flow in a square cavity. Journal of Numerical heat transfer part B, 2014.

M. Fahs, A. Younes, T. Mara : A new benchmark semi-analytical solution for density driven flow in porous media. Journal of Advances in Water Resources, 2014.

• 2013

A. Younes, M. Fahs : A Semi-Analytical Solution for the Reactive Henry Saltwater Intrusion Problem. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, vol. 224, October 2013, pages 1779-7

A. Younes, M. Fahs, b. Belfort : Monotonicity of the cell-centred triangular MPFA method for saturated and unsaturated flow in heterogeneous porous media.
Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 504, November 2013, Pages 132–141

B. Belfort, A. Younes, M. Fahs, F. Lehmann : On equivalent hydraulic conductivity for oscillation–free solutions of Richard’s equation.
Journal of Hydrology, 505, 202–217, 2013.

Teaching activities : As Assitant Professor at the National School of Water and Environmental Engineering (ENGEES) : Numerical Methods for Engineers, Solid Mechanics, Hydrogeology.