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FAHS Marwan

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Associate professor - National School of Water and Environmental Engineering -ENGEES

Contact :
Phone : +33 (0)3 68 85 04 48

Research Group Méthodes et Outils Numériques pour les Hydrosystèmes Continentaux (MoNHyC)

Research activities

  • Modeling water flow, mass and heat transfer in porous media.
  • Development of efficient and robust numerical models, benchmarks and analytical/semi-analytical solutions.

Teaching activities

  • Numerical Methods for Engineers in geoscience
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Hydrogeology
  • Soil mechanics


• 2017

- N. Fajraou, M. Fahs, A. Younes, B. Sudret : Analyzing natural convection in porous enclosure with polynomial chaos expansions : Effect of thermal dispersion, anisotropic permeability and heterogeneity, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2017.

- F. Delay, H. Badri, M. Fahs, P. Ackerer : A comparison of discrete versus continuous adjoint states to invert groundwater flow in heterogeneous dual porosity systems, Advances in Water Resources, 2017 (accepted).

- A. Younes, T.A. Mara, M. Fahs, G. Olivier, P. Ackerer : Hydraulic and transport parameter assessment using column infiltration experiments, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2017.

- Q. Shao, A. Younes, M. Fahs, T. Alex Mara : Bayesian sparse polynomial chaos expansion for global sensitivity analysis, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 2017.

• 2016

- M. Fahs, B. Ataie-Ashtiani, A. Younes, C. Simmons, P. Ackerer : Semi-analytical solution for velocity dependent Henry problem, Water Resources Research, 2016.

- A Younes, F. Delay, N. Fajraoui, M. Fahs, T. Mara : Global sensitivity analysis and Bayesian parameter inference for solute transport in porous media colonized by biofilms, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 2016.

- Q. Shao, M. Fahs, A. Younes, A. Makradi and T. Mara : A New Benchmark Reference Solution for Double-Diffusive Convection in Heterogeneous Porous Medium, Journal of Numerical heat transfer part B, 2016.

• 2015

- M. Fahs, A. Younes : A reference benchmark solution for free convection in a square cavity filled with heterogeneous porous. Numerical heat transfer part B, 2015.

- A. Younes, M. Fahs, A. Zidane, P. Huggenberger, E. Zechner A new benchmark with high accurate solution for hot–cold fluids mixing. Heat Mass Transfer, 2015.

- A. Younes, M. Fahs : Extension of the Henry semi-analytical solution for saltwater intrusion in stratified domains, Computational Geosciences, 2015.

- Q. Shao, L. Bouhala, D. Fiorelli, M. Fahs, A.Younes, P. Núñez, S. Belouettar, A. Makradi : Influence of fluid flow and heat transfer on crack propagation in SOFC multi-layered like material with anisotropic porous layers. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 2015.

- Q Shao, M. Fahs, A Younes, A Makradi : A High Accurate Solution for Darcy-Brinkman Double-Diffusive Convection in Saturated Porous Media, Journal of Numerical heat transfer part B, 2015.

• 2014

- H. Fahs, M. Hayek, M. Fahs, A. Younes : An efficient numerical model for hydrodynamic parameterization in 2D fractured dual-porosity media. Advances in Water Resources, 2014.

- A. Younes, M. Fahs : A semi-analytical solution for saltwater intrusion with very narrow transition zone, Journal of Hydrogeology, 2014.

- M. Fahs, A. Younes : A high accurate Fourier-Galerkin solution for buoyancy-driven flow in a square cavity. Journal of Numerical heat transfer part B, 2014.

- M. Fahs, A. Younes, T. Mara : A new benchmark semi-analytical solution for density driven flow in porous media. Journal of Advances in Water Resources, 2014.

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