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Numerical modelling of interactions between fluids and complex mineral phases

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Fluid-rock interaction modellings in three directions : (1) coupled transfer-reaction modellings, (2) simulation of nucleation and growth of mineral phases, (3) introduction of biogeochemical processes.

Developping a coupled model with all the trumps of the geochemical model, applying the kinetics of crystal nucleation and growth, introducing a biogeochemical approach of bacterial effect on water-rock interaction processes.

Simulation (KIRMAT) of reactive transfers of fluids in engineered clay barriers (100 000 years), in the Rhine graben aquifer (1 century), and in a granitic watershed (years). Simulation (NANOKIN) of granite alteration (25°C to 150°C).

Figure : Simulation of the evolution of an engineered barrier of bentonite between the geological environment (COX : Callovo-oxfordian) and a corroded steel container.

Bio-Kindis and Bio-Kirmat will be operating early 2012 : microbial activity controls directly the redox processes with feed-back effects (life and death of bacterias)

Persons and partners involved
Bertrand Fritz, DR CNRS ; Gwenael Imfeld, CR CNRS ; Alain Clément, IR CNRS ; Yann Lucas, MdC, University of Strasbourg ;
Partners : Claudine Noguera, DR CNRS, INSP Paris ; Alejandro MAAS, Prof., University of Santiago, Chili, UMI CNRS ; Veronica Gautier, Ing, BioSigma, Santiago, Chile.

Financial support
ANR P Nano (2007-2010, project SIMINOX), Industrial contract with BioSigma, Santiago, Chile

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