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WEILL Sylvain

Associate Professor in Hydrology -ENGEES

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Contact :

Phone : +33 (0)3 68 85 03 86

Research axes :
- Catchment and hillslope hydrology
- Numerical modelling of water and solute transfers in hydrosystems

Current research activities :

The overall objective of my current research is to improve the current understanding of runoff generation processes and of the response of hydro-systems through the development and the application of reliable modelling tools.

I am currently involved in :

- the development of physically-based distributed hydrological models that can describe in a physical way the interactions between surface and subsurface processes and the coupling between flow and transport

- their application on synthetic test cases to assess (i) the relevance of both the physics and the numerics used for the description of the coupled processes, and (ii) theoretical aspects linked to runoff generation and hydrograph separation

- their application at the catchment scale to study runoff generation processes, saturated areas dynamics, and hydrograph separation issues.

Curriculum :
Since septembre 2010 : Assistant professor at the National School for Water and Environmental Engineering of Strasbourg (ENGEES) - research activities at the LHYGES
2008 - mid 2010 : post-doctoral fellow - University of Padua, Italy and National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) of Québec City, Canada
2004-2007 : PhD Thesis in Hydrologic modelling - Laboratory for Climate and Environmental Sciences (LSCE) - French Nuclear Agency (CEA), Saclay, France
2001 - 2004 : Master in Environmental Sciences (ENSTA - Engineering school in France) and Master in Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Geochemistry and Geostatistics (University Paris VI)

Publications :
Jeannot B, Weill S, Eschbach D, Schmitt L, Delay F. Assessing the effect of flood restoration on surface–subsurface interactions in Rohrschollen Island (Upper Rhine River – France) using integrated hydrological modeling and thermal infrared imaging, accepted for publication, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

Gatel L, Lauvernat C, Carluer N, Weill S, Tournebize J, Paniconi C. (2019). Global evaluation and sensitivity analysis of a physically based flow and
reactive transport model on a laboratory experiment. Environmental Modelling and Software 113, 73-83

Jeannot B, Weill S, Eschbach D, Schmitt L, Delay F. (2018). A low-dimensional integrated subsurface hydrological model coupled with 2-D overland flow : Application to a restored fluvial hydrosystem (Upper Rhine River – France). Journal of Hydrology, 563, 495-509

Belfort B,Weill S., Lehmann F. (2017). Image analysis method for the measurement of water saturation in a two-dimensional experimental flow tank. Journal of Hydrology, 550, 343-354

Weill S., Delay F, Pan Y., Ackerer P. (2017). A low-dimensional subsurface model for saturated and unsaturated flow processes : ability to address heterogeneity. Computational Geosciences, DOI 10.1007/s10596-017-9613-8

Pan Y., Weill S., Ackerer P. and Delay F. (2015). A coupled stream flow and depth-integrated subsurface flow model for catchment hydrology. Journal of Hydrology : 530, 66-78, DOI : 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2015.09.044

Weill S., di Chiara-Roupert R. and Ackerer P. (2014). Accuracy and efficiency of time integration methods for 1D diffusive wave equation. Computational Geosciences, DOI : 10.1007/s10596-014-9417-z

Weill S., Altissimo M., Cassiani G., Deiana R., Marani M and Putti M. (2013). Saturated area dynamics and streamflow generation from coupled surface-subsurface simulations and field observations. Advances in Water Resources : 59, 196-208, DOI : 10.1016/j.advwatres.2013.06.007

Mügler C., Planchon O., Patin J., Weill S., Silvera N., Richard P., Mouche E. (2011). Comparison of roughness models to simulate overland flow and tracer transport experiments under simulated rainfall at the plot scale. Journal of Hydrology : 402 (1-2), 25-40

Weill S., Mazzia A., Paniconi C. and Putti M. (2011). Coupling water flow and solute transport into a physically-based surface_subsurface hydrological model. Advances in Water Resources : 34 (1), 128-136

Weill S., Mouche E. and Patin J. (2009). A generalized Richards equation for surface/subsurface flow modelling. Journal of Hydrology : 366 (1-4), 9-20

Teaching activities :
I am involved in teaching activities at the National School for Water and Environmental Engineering of Strasbourg (ENGEES) in the field of hydrology.
I also intervene punctually to AgroParisTech Nancy and to the IUT LOUIS PASTEUR DE SCHILTIGHEIM.